4K LCD controller board ARV-7673 (DP/HDMI/VB1/eDP/4kx2k)

4K LCD controller board ARV-7673 series is a medium size controller board designed for high resolution (4kx2k) industrial LCD monitor devices. With Spectrah’s LCD kits, ARV-7673 provides full supports for most LCD manufacturers. This LCD controller board drives LCD panels from 1080P up to 3840 x 2160 resolution at true color.

The on board 4K LCD controller is a high quality AD converter with excellent scaler feature, capable of converting DP and HDMI signals to required digital signals V-By-1 or eDP for higher resolutions of LCD panels. ARV-7673 provides smart BIOS jumpers to set various resolutions for different LCD panels. New additional sensor port supports Spectrah sensor controller board SR-290x to do dimming control and auto brightness control for industrial LCD monitor display device.

High resolution 3840 x 2160@60Hz scaler chip
Integrated HDMI_2.0 and DP_1.2a compliant receiver
Support V-by-One & eDP interfaces
Resolutions from 1080P up to 3840x2160
Smart BIOS Jumper setting for various display resolutions of LCD panels
Support +12V~+24V DC power input
Support Spectrah's light sensor and temperature sensor
Support two windows PiP and PbP features
Tech Specs
ADC Controller
Mstar High resolution 3840 x 2160@60Hz (4kx2k) scaler engine
Integrated HDMI_2.0 and DP_1.2a compliant receiver
Support frame rate convertion & Native mode display
10-bit data processing and programmable 12-bit RGB gamma CLUT
Integrated Singl-link and Dual-Link DVI 1.0 compliant receivers
Jumper Setting for various display resolutions
Jumper setting to adjust firmware for various display resolutions of LCD panels
Resolution support
From 1920 x 1080 upto 3840×2160
LCD Panel Connection
One 41-pin V-By-One connector
One 41-pin eDP connector (support eDP 4/8 lanes)
Input Ports
Display Port (DP_1.2a)
HDMI_2.0, HDMI_1.4,
Sensor port
Audio Amplifier
Stereo 10W class D audio amplifier for left and right channel of speakers
Jumper setting for dimming control type
Jumper setting for analog or PWM backlight dimming control
On Screen Display (OSD)
PIP (Picture-In-Picture), PBP (Picture-Beside-Picture)
Support frame rate conversion & native mode display
Brightness / Contrast/ Black Level adjustment
Image V-Position/ H-Position adjustment
OSD transparency and rotation adjustment
Hue / Saturation/Color Temperature Adjustment
Input Power
LCD Power In: +3.3V, +5V, +12V~+24V
LCD backlight: +3.3V, +5V, +12V~+24V
VESA Standard
Supports VESA DDC2B and a subset of VESA DPMS standards
Power Consumption
7 Watt (AD board only, no connection to LCD panel)
Operating Temperature & Humidity
-30℃ to 80℃; ~90%RH
Storage Temperature & Humidity
-40℃ to 95℃; ~ 95%RH
Board Dimension/Weight
160mm(L) x 120mm(W)
Weight: 140g
Automation control system
Medical equipment
KVM control device
Industrial LCD monitor
Gaming machine
Information terminal
Ordering Information
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ARV-7672 ( DP, HDMI, RGB, V-B-1/or eDP8 )
ARV-7673 ( DVI-I, HDMI, DP, RGB, V-B-1/eDP8, RS232)
ARV-7681 ( HDMI, RGB, eDP4 )
ARV-7682 ( DP, HDMI, RGB, eDP4 )
ARV-7683 ( DVI-I, DP, HDMI, RGB, eDP4, RS232 )