Hampshire Touch controller THC-5640 (Hampshire touch controller 4-Wire, USB )

THC-5640 is a professional touch controller integrated in Hampshire touch controller. The THC-560 series provides the optimistic performance for most 4-wire analog resistive touch panels. It communicates with PC system directly through USB port. The touchscreen device driver is able to emulate mouse left and right button for various operation systems.



Hampshire Touch controller
4 Wire type
Iterface: USB 2.0 full speed
Driver support MS_Windows, MAC, Linux
Tech Specs
Touch Controller
Hampshire Touch controller HSA01 series
Wire Type
4 wire
USB 2.0 full speed
Power Consumptiom
1 Watt
True 10-bit (1,024 x 1,024) ratio metric analog to digital converter (1,048,576 points in the field)
Position Detection Speed
> 120 pts/sec (unfiltered points)
Operation Temperature
-40 degree C to degree 85 C
Storage Temperature
-65 degree C to 120 degree C
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimension (L x W ): 75.00mm x 35.00mm
Driver Support
MS_Windows, MAC, Linux
Industrial Touch LCD monitor
Information terminal
Medical LCD monitor
Automation control system
Ordering Information
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