LCD backlight driver board LED-252280 (280mA)+5V input

The LCD backlight driver board LED-252280 is designed to drive LED backlight module with +5V input power. It is a constant frequency and current mode controller especially applied for LED arrays. In constant current LED applications, the LED-252280 provides an especially wide PWM dimming range and DC voltage dimming control feature which allow users to adjust brightness smoothly. Additional power protection feature is able to protect LED module from damage by overcurrent and overvoltage.

Support +5V input power
High dimming ratio (3000:1)
Low profile and compact design
Constant LED Current (280mA)/ max. output current
PWM/or DC Dimming Control
Short circuit and overload protection
External power On/Off control
Tech Specs
Operating Condition
Input Voltage: 4V ~6V
Operating Temperature: -30 ~ 85 °C
Storage Temperature: -40 ~ 100 °C
Operating Humidity: 20~90 %RH
Storage Humidity: <95 %RH
Operating Characteristics
Input Voltage: 5V(typ.) ~ 6V(max.)
LED String Voltage: <11V
Dimming Ratio: 3000:1
Output Current: 280mA (max.)
PWM Control Duty Ratio: 10 ~ 100%
PWM Control Frequency: 200Hz ~27k Hz
PWM Swing Voltage (High): 3.0V ~ 5.5 V
DC Voltage Dimming Control: 0 ~ 5V
Mechanical Characteristics
Dimension (L x W x H): 100mm x 40mm x 10.5mm
Weight: 21g
High brightness LCD panel
High dimming marine LCD monitor
Industrial LCD monitor
Information terminal
Ordering Information
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